Pathways to Recovery

Providing connections to promote positive change

Caring collective support for individuals, families and communities struggling with substance misuse, mental illness and infectious disease


Our Compassionate Approach

A community-based approach

Imagine a world without loving, caring or dignity. Imagine shivering in the cold alone and hungry. Imagine being addicted to fentanyl unintentionally. Our group of like-minded healthcare professionals have seen too many suffer and spiral away from their families, friends and life. We need to do more.

No one chooses to be addicted to opioids.
No one chooses to have a mental disorder.
No one chooses poverty or homelessness.

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Why It Matters

The struggle is real, sometimes hidden, always heart-breaking

Over 10,300 Canadian opioid overdose deaths in recent years

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38% increase in overdose deaths since COVID-19

1 in 3 Canadians affected by mental health disorders

Over 50% of injection drug use leads to Hepatitis C

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Man abusing drugs
Distressed person on a bench in the cold

 What We Do

Guidance, Support, Education, Respect

We help facilitate a holistic and respectful approach to substance misuse that will support people battling addiction. We want people to get well where they live, to better enjoy what they love most.

How many times have we, as treatment professionals, helped someone start down their path to recovery only to see them lose direction? Too many times! We want to do more but we need more resources and a better coordinated effort to support these individuals, in all aspects of their lives.

Your contribution will allow us to help implement the following plans we have for their own unique successful Pathways to Recovery.

Man speaking to counsellor


Often one of the most important steps, counselling offers a first look at someone’s state of mind. Help someone access greater guidance to their path of recovery.


Primary Care

Help someone access health services according to their needs; be it health screening and treatments, medical devices or supplies, health education and prevention programs.

Older adults learning and studying


Education is key to improving outcomes. Help someone access education online or indoors so that they can look forward to their future.

Homeless man holding a house cut-out


Having a place to call home is key to stability in a person’s life. Help someone access services to find a home, facilitate visits and manage rental agreements.

Woman speaking to a doctor

Health Screening

Thorough health screenings are key to helping those with an addiction or an infectious disease, such as Hepatitis C. Help someone gain greater access to screenings for a better chance at a healthier life.

Variety of tools from different occupations

Employment Support

Help someone access more personalized and supportive employment agents so they can find work, rebuild their lives and dignity. Help someone reintegrate into our valued Canadian social fabric and communities.

Winter clothing

Winter Clothing Program

Canadian winters are some of the coldest in the world. They challenge the health, mind and survival of the struggling. Help someone in recovery access proper winter clothes to improve their health, comfort and life.

Healthcare workers having a discussion

Case Management

Some people in recovery need “case management”, to ensure their basic health needs are met. Help a recovering soul, a less fortunate or mobile person access a case manager who will take care of managing their medication and health supplies.

Healthcare worker holding patient's hand

In-House Treatment

Individuals struggling with mental or substance dependency issues need a spectrum of support for the mind and the body. Help someone access a quicker more integrated in-house whole person treatment and path to recovery.


Your pledge will make a difference

Thanks to your financial contribution, you will provide people battling addiction better access to services that will improve their lives.