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Are you looking to partner with an organization that utilizes evidence-based strategies to curb the overdose crisis and support persons impacted by substance use in your community?

Pathways to Recovery believes in building partnerships with companies and community organizations to scale solutions that break down barriers to provide an accessible, inclusive continuum of quality services and support.

A well-thought-out corporate responsibility program has the potential to increase a company’s bottom line, with some companies reporting as much as a 20% increase in revenue. Leading marketing experts agree that consumers are seeking brands that embed a distinctive and genuine concern for humanity’s needs into every business strategy.

In Canada, it is estimated that approximately 21% of the population- about 6 million people- will meet the criteria for addiction in their lifetime

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Want to do more by becoming  a corporate partner? Together, we can construct a customized strategy that marries your business goals while boosting your reputation by supplying the community with the resources they need. Complete our contact form or reach out to us at

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To improve the health and wellness of individuals while helping families and communities better understand the challenges of substance use health, complex mental health disorders, and illness from infectious diseases.

*Please note that Pathways to Recovery does not directly provide clinical services. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or visit your nearest Emergency Department.