Gifts of Hope Program

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Today, when you give a gift, you provide practical and meaningful gifts that meet the unique needs of patients in the programs we support. Our Gifts of Hope program work with patients, families, and front-line clinical staff to identify the unique patient wellness gaps in our system with the goal of increasing patient experience and outcomes.

Fresh Start $15

Covers the costs of basic hygiene products such as toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, feminine hygiene products.

Winter Pack $25

Covers the cost of socks, gloves, and a toque for an individual living without shelter. Distributed through our mobile clinic partnerships.

Go the Extra Mile $50

Transportation assistance to financially support patients to break down barriers to accessing treatment.

Food Security $100

Provide a food card for someone experiencing homeless or home insecurity.

Move-in Ready $250

Provide patients with all that they need for a new home— from dining tables to cutlery to cleaning supplies.

Rent Subsidy $500

Covers the costs of a monthly rental subsidy for a patient in treatment precariously housed.

The Gift of Educational Success $1000

Make an investment in the future of a patient on the road to recovery.

Holiday Giving

We work to bring the joy of the holidays by giving small gifts to patients living in difficult situations.

Ways to Give



Our Gifts of Hope program work with patients, families, and front-line clinical staff to identify the unique patient wellness gaps in our system.


Being an agent of change is more than just a financial gift, it is a commitment to save lives and support those in our community that are most vulnerable.


Whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, anniversary, retirement or life milestone, we are thrilled that you’re turning your celebration into an opportunity to gift hope to someone struggling with substance use.


A gift in memory or in honour is a beautiful way to pay tribute to someone dear to you. With your support, we can save lives.
Winter clothing


If you are interested in donating gently used items to directly support individuals.

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To improve the health and wellness of individuals while helping families and communities better understand the challenges of substance use health, complex mental health disorders, and illness from infectious diseases.

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